If you have ever been to a JCI Edinburgh event, be it social, training, Charlotte Square Club, or you joined in with one of our projects, you will most likely have met this month’s member of the month! Chris Henry is a regular at almost every event, including international ones. He’s been a local and national board member, and has thoroughly thrown himself into all things JCI. Here is what Chris has to say about his time with JCI Edinburgh…

July 2016 Member of the Month
July 2016 Member of the Month

How long have you been a member of JCI for?

Member for 4 years now

What made you decide to join?

Had just moved to Edinburgh and looking for something voluntary. Was inspired by debating, training and meeting people socially offered by JCI.

What are some of the highlights of your experience in JCI?

Oh so many to choose. Directing the Scottish NC in 2013 was a great learning experience, very stretching. Recently getting to the European Debating final was also exciting.

To anyone who is thinking to join, what would you say to them?

If you want to experience interesting events locally/abroad, learn new skills and meet extremely positive and inspiring people… what have you got to lose by giving JCI Edinburgh a go?

You’ve done a lot of travelling with JCI. Where have you been to, and what did you get out of it?

International has been such a big part of my JCI journey. As well as the UK and Ireland, I’ve been to Monaco, Malta, Finland, Iceland, Germany and Japan. Getting to see the cultures and diverse work being done around the world by JCI members is really cool. You see how it all fits together. The amazing party nights with thousands of people are also very memorable!

And lastly, in one word, describe what JCI means to you

Challenge. As in challenging yourself and others to be better