This month, we have a relatively new to JCI member as our member of the month. Iain has been a busy man within JCI Edinburgh, getting stuck in to the Charlotte Square Club, as well has regularly appearing at our social events. Here are what JCI Edinburgh has done for Iain…

Iain Ritchie - June 2016 Member of the Month
Iain Ritchie – June 2016 Member of the Month

How long have you been a member of JCI?

I joined JCI in October 2014 after learning about the organisation at a Scottish Independence debate hosted by JCI.

What made you decide to join?

I was impressed by the quality of the debating at the Scottish Independence debate and felt that it would be something I would like to learn. From speaking to members, I learnt that JCI did a lot more than just debating. Other activities – public speaking skills, developing soft business skills and raising money for charity through fun activities sold me on the idea of joining JCI.

What are some of the highlights you experienced in JCI?

Giving the Toast to the Haggis at the JCI Burns Supper was certainly the highlight of my JCI experience – reciting a poem in an unfamiliar language in front of 120 people was thrilling and an experience I certainly I will not forget. I’ve really enjoyed meeting the other JCI members and getting to know them over the years has been very rewarding. The society helped me build my confidence to get up there and speak.

To anyone who is thinking to join, what would you say to them?

Go for it. It is a great opportunity to learn some really useful skills and to meet some amazing people.

You were asked to give the Toast to the Haggis, what advice would you give anyone who is thinking of doing it in the future?

Do not hesitate, just do it. By taking small steps and learning it bit by bit, it is amazing what you can accomplish. You will not regret it.

In one word, describe what JCI means to you?