JCI Edinburgh Blood Drive
JCI Edinburgh Blood Drive

At last month’s open evening, JCI Edinburgh’s 2016 president, Stuart Bradley, announced the launch of our new project, the JCI Edinburgh Blood Drive. We are looking to get 70 pints of blood donated by the end of the year, no small task! It will be possible, especially if you can donate in June/July, as well as in 3 months time, in the run up to the Christmas rush, a time when the NHS are desperate for donations.

Why 70 pints?

JCI Edinburgh is celebrating it’s 70th year since it started this year, which is why we chose this number.

Who can donate?

In a word, any one who is eligible! JCI Edinburgh members and their friends and families are all welcome to be a part of this great project. There any many who are unable to donate, for various reasons. So we would love if they can encourage someone to donate on their behalf.

You can check the Scottish Blood Service‘s website to see if you are eligible to donate.

What’s in it for the person donating?

Apart from the great feeling you will get with donating, your name will also be in a raffle for a prize at the end of the year. If you donate twice, your name will be entered twice!

How do you register your donation?

You need to take a picture of you donating, post on social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram only) using the hashtag #JCIEminesapint. If you are donating on the behalf of another member, please also tag them in the post.. You can also email your picture to steven.crawford@jciedinburgh.org.uk and that will count as an entry.

Where is my nearest blood donation centre?

You can search the Scottish Blood Service website for your local donation centre.

If you would like any more information, please contact either Steven Crawford or Stuart Bradley by email.